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What Can We Help You Find?

How to Print Using Our Library's Printer

Welcome to printing at the Parkland Community Library!

How do I print from the library's computers?

All of our computers print to the library's network printer for a charge of 25 cents for black & white and 75 cents for color per page.

How do I mobile print at the library or at home?

You can easily print on the library's public printers during library hours regardless of device, network or location.
Follow the easy steps below using your device's browser or install the PrinterOn App for your iPhone/iPad, Android, Blackberryor Nook.

Black and white $0.10   Color $0.50

Use one of the following options to print:

weblink Use this web link within your browser.  
 printeron Install the PrinterOn App
for your iPhone/iPadAndroidBlackberry or Nook.
email2 You can send an email directly to print.  Send your email to one of the following addresses.
Black and White Printer:
Color Printer: vv